"One of the most remarkable examples of Art Nouveau-style and early 20th century manor architecture in Estonia."

- Register of Cultural Monuments

Events and announcements

21st of July 2022
The manor opened its doors for discovering an Art Nouveau-style visitor centre
and a newly completed piano museum.  The opening event was sponsored by the
 Cultural Endowment of Estonia.

The visitor centre is open
Tue–Sat from 11–18 and Sun from 11-16.

With prior agreement, it is possible to visit
the Estonian National Piano Museum on mondays
and take part of the music tour.
Call or write and we will arrange a suitable time.

+372 57401640    


Held events:

Tickets for the concert:

Award-winning Finnish composer-pianist Kari Ikonen makes the piano sound like never before, from delicate compositions to flowing improvisations.
A host of unusual preparations and special techniques are used, most notably the revolutionary Maqiano™ Microtuning System, Ikonen's own patented invention,
which allows him to expand his melodic vocabulary beyond conventional Western tunings.
Kari takes the listener on a magical journey through time and space,
 from untouched Nordic forests to the bazaars of ancient Persepolis and on to unknown, distant galaxies.

Tickets for the concert can be found here: https://piletikeskus.ee/et/e/qw28x7

Lilian Hindrikson Piano Concert
2.december at 6pm

J. S. Bach 
E. Oja 
N. Medtner 


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